Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bragging time

Time to take a quick break from the Japan updates and brag a little bit about Gavin. Before we left Ohio, Gavin had decided he wanted to save money and donate it to the Police (to keep bad guys in jail longer). We got a piggy bank (from Edward Jones Financial) that has a special slot for donations. And since we couldn't take the piggy bank filled with money with us (the movers are not allowed to move money - even coins) we took all of his saved donations to the Hilliard Police station the day before we left.

It was pretty cool because we went during a shift change and got to meet and give the money to the Chief of Police. He was leaving for the day - and got a little teary eyed when this little 5 year old boy gave him a zip-lock of coins to help the Police. It was pretty sweet and I was VERY proud of Gavin. The chief let us see some steel that was brought in (from the Twin Towers) for a special monument in Hilliard. And he took down our address so he could send a thank you.

Well, 6 weeks later...Gavin finally received his special package. Inside was a very nice note written by the Chief of Police himself, along with lots of goodies. Gavin was so excited and has been playing with the books and toys all night!!!

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WineLover said...

Ah, that is way cool! Way to go Gavin!