Thursday, July 29, 2010

i hope the feeling stays...

We have been so overwhelmed by so many things that it has been hard to stop and appreciate a lot of our new surroundings. Today, Patrick and I had to take a mandatory driving course. It was about 3 1/2 hours long, and at the end there was a pretty tough exam (open book though) that you have to pass to become a 'professional driver'. One of the cool things the base has to offer is 20 hours of free babysitting per kid (with licensed providers). Luckily, one was available to watch the kids so Patrick and I could attend the same class. There are a lot of rules, strange signs, customs and courtesies, and plain OPPOSITE things to learn that what we are used to. The funniest is that their emergency number is 119. We both passed the test (I got a 100%) and then we were off to buy our car. We had to finagle getting enough cash out to buy the car in cash (since we don't belong to any of the banks on base), then Patrick had to get insurance on it and submit for registration. We should be able to have the car by 3:00pm tomorrow...just enough time to take it on our first adventure in Japan!!!

The power is schedule to be off for 20 hours on Saturday. Do you know how bad that sucks? Refrigerated items will be ruined, the house will be so hot and humid and we need to find things to entertain us. So our friends invited us to a recreation park called Tama Hills 45 mins from here. It is still Yokota property, but has a hotel and cabins you can rent along with a nice golf course, horseback riding, mini golf, fishing, camping, etc. So we will drive down Friday night, have dinner and wake up to enjoy all their festivities. At the end of the day we will drive back home and hopefully have power :-) And it only costs $55!

But, as my title suggests...I really hope the excited feeling I have over certain things will last. Like walking out my back door and seeing mountain ranges (and on a clear day - Mt Fuji). Seeing 3 cargo military planes flying right over our heads about to land, feeling their rumble. Looking out my kitchen window and seeing 'Cherry Blossom Lane" - our street is literally lined on both sides with cherry blossom trees. Although they are not in bloom right now, the trees are still beautiful green arching monuments. It makes for a beautiful walk...when we can slow down and take the time to appreciate it :-)

So once our nerves settle, and we settle...I hope to appreciate all these little things. I know this can and will be an amazing experience (it already has been) but I hope to have an open and happy heart to accept the journey that will be put in front of us!

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Mary said...

I'm sure it will. You are a very unique person, Kelly, and I am sure you will all look back at this short period of time with fond memories.

I love the (I got a 100%)! I never once thought about how things will be different, other than language!