Sunday, August 3, 2008

fun weekend

This weekend we got to catch up and hang out with our good friends, the Williams (Becca, Sophia and GiGi). They invited us over to see their new puppy (and play with toys and color) and then head out to the Irish Festival in Dublin. Gavin LOVES playing with Sophia and GiGi and Evie were born minutes apart from each other in neighboring rooms. They are birthday buddies! So it is always a ball to hang out. Plus, I love seeing Becca and talking so much - as she is truly super intelligent and sparks so many mind provoking thoughts.

The Irish Festival was fun. Of course, Evelyn passed out as soon as we got there, so we actually stayed longer than planned because I just chalked that up to being her only nap. So we walked for hours - seeing the sights, hearing the music, eating the food. They had a separate play area for kids - but it was another $10 so we nixed it. We sat and watched authentic Irish musicians and ate the BIGGEST Sno-Ice ever! It was really fun!

On Sunday we did our normal routine...handmade from scratch breakfast from Daddy, going to the man store and running other errands. Since Uno (our last surviving fish) decided to follow the light and find his friends in fishy heaven...we needed to get another fish. So we bought a new filter (we learned ours was not the right one) and a Betta. Very sturdy. Hopefully indestructible. We'll see. Her name is Azule. Yes, my kids watch too much Dora and Diego...but we are going with it!

Now we are praying to the pager Gods that we get a nice evening with our WHOLE family!

PS - Don't you LOVE Gavin's shirt?!?!?!?

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Jen said...

Looks like you've had a great weekend. Hope you have better luck with this fish. And Gavin's shirt is awesome!!