Monday, July 7, 2008

Random pictures from our weekend

Here are some random cell phone images from our weekend:

Evie loves to climb on top of EVERYTHING! Her newest trick is climbing on the toilet, into the sink to brush her teeth.

The kids asked to get the blow up pool out to cool off in the hot hot heat!

Both Gavin and Evelyn love helping with the Swiffer Vac.

We went fishing on sunday with the Christensens. The fish were biting left and right and each of the kids got to actually catch a fish on their own. Kelly caught 3, Gavin 2 and McKenna 1. Here is Angie waving the fish in front of Evie and Camille to entertain them.

McKenna and her fish.

Kelly was a bit nervous - but still loved it!

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Mary said...

I love the pic of Evelyn sitting naked in the sink!