Monday, June 23, 2008

Things I thanked God for yesterday

1. I thanked God for my friends and family.

2. I thanked God for my husband and kids.

3. I thanked God for not letting it rain, even though most all other areas of Columbus got drenched, so we could hold a going away party for our friends, Cara, Phillip and

4. I thanked God that my friends are amazing cooks/salad makers/dessert makers/appetizer makers/food bringers so I didn't have to make anything for the party and we still had tons of delicious (mostly healthy) f

5. I thanked God that they kids ate veggies (even if it was doused in ranch dressing).

6. I thanked God my husband took over Grill duty and made delicious dogs, burgers and chicken for everyone.

7. I thanked God that there were THREE yummy desserts to choose from (even if some of us chose all 3 - not just Angie).

8. I thanked God that the kids all played together very well and ate at tables together, like real friends do.

9. I thanked God for the guys getting to hang out and catch up.

10. I thanked God for little girls who love dolls, and little boys who help their moms.

11. I thanked God for neighbors who dress alike and play alike.

12. I thanked God for little friends

And big friends.


Ashli Welsh said...

OK, you're making me get all teary...Not fair with the hormones!!!

Mary said...

Kelly, you are a terrific host. I had such a wonderful time and hope Cara did too. Thank you for the pictures - I copied a few for my blog.

WineLover said...

I saw Patrick working hard outside yesterday - glad your party was a success!