Monday, May 14, 2007

Life on Trauma

It's been a while since my last post - mainly because I can never get a free second to use the computer. Patrick started his trauma rotation at Grant Hospital and has been working like a dog since May 1st. This also means that I am working like a dog at home with the kids because I get very little help from him since he is never home. He usually is the greatest help - doing laundry, dishes, etc...more than I could have ever asked for. But since he is not home a lot, and needs to study surgeries for the next day - he hasn't been able to help as much. Plus, when he is on call now, he has to stay at the hospital instead of just going in if needed. It has been pretty stressful on us both, and we are much looking forward to next month when his schedule will be SUPER easy!

We (the kids and I) have been able to see a lot of our friends over the past few weeks - with trips to the zoo, the mall, out for ice cream or just to people's houses. We had 2 playgroups since my last posting... first to Franklin Park Conservatory to see the butterfly exhibit and also to the Columbus Park of Roses. Too bad the roses were not in bloom - but they had a kick a** playground for the kids and some shaded areas for the moms to sit around and gab. We are looking forward to our upcoming trip back to PA from May 23- June 11. So all of you PA folks - get in touch with us so we can get together!

Patrick did have off this past weekend for Mother's Day - which was a blessing. The weather was perfect and we spent a gorgeous weekend together as a family. Breakfast and Lowe's (our usual saturday morning) and a fun night with neighbors playing games. We were both nursing a bit of a hang over on sunday - but he was a champ and got up with the kids so I could sleep in on mother's day. I also was able to take a long nap with Evelyn in the afternoon while he watched Gavin (who is unfortunately giving up his naps). He also gave the kids a bath and put them to bed so I could relax, read trashy magazines and watch my Sunday night shows. It was a great day! We went to a Nursery and bought mulch for the yard - and he used the great weather as an opportunity to measure out and plan for our new deck that he and his father are going to build in June.

I want to say happy mother's day to all my girlfriends and moms out there! I hope you had as wonderful of a day as I did. And congrats to Amber on her new baby girl, Rilynn Corinne, and to Josette on her new baby, Victoria Lynne. Best of luck! And check out my hotty sis going to jr prom!

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