Sunday, April 15, 2007

Long Week

This week was pretty long. Patrick had a super crazy work week (since he's had a super easy work schedule for about 2 months and now actually was busy) and Evelyn was sick with a head cold - which lead to long sleepless nights! But towards the end of the week she was doing much better and we are "training" her how to sleep on her own again. Patrick also does not have any call shifts for 2 weeks - which will be great. Gavin has been very good through this time, even though I needed to give more attention than usual to Evie.
On Wednesday we went to Chuck E Cheese with playgroup. We took our friend Nathan since his little brother was sick and they had been cooped up in their house for 4 days straight. Gavin and Nathan played like best buds! Both got a little cranky when it came time to leave - but they are 2 and 3 year olds - what can I expect!
Then on Thursday we went to the Polaris Mall (about 25 mins away) since Pottery Barn Kids had their Sing-a-long day. Sarah and Josh met us and the boys had so much fun...even if they weren't paying any attention to the chick singing! But the sad news was I lost my cell phone at the play area!!! I am never more than 2 feet from that thing but somehow it got left behind. Luckily a nice lady picked it up and called my home number to tell me she had it. I had to drive all the way back the next day - but I am always up for shopping so it was okay!
The whole family did our weekly Saturday breakfast at First Watch Diner and then our trip to Lowe's. While there, we ran into the Welshes and Nathan showed Gavin how to build a bug box. It was really cute - the kids can sit down and they get a Lowe's apron, protective goggles and a hammer and can come every other week to build things. Once they complete a project, they get a patch to sew onto their apron and they get their picture taken to be displayed on the wall. It was fun! I then had a Scrapbook/Card Exchange party which was so fun (and a nice break to get out of the house with out the kids) and then we had our neighbors over for dinner. We just found out they are expecting in August so we wanted to celebrate with them. We had dinner, dessert and drinks (except for the mom to be) and played our favorite game Apples to Apples. It was such a fun game and we did not want to stop playing! A very nice evening.
Today is crappy outside, so Patrick is repainting our door (with some help from Gavin) and we are just going to relax! Much needed!

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